Filter Roast, Ethiopia, Oddo Shakiso, Dambi Uddo, Natural

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Process: Natural

Altitude: 2100 meters above sea level

Varietal: JARC varieties , Local Landraces

Tasting notes: Apricot jam, Earl grey tea  

Daanisa is a sub-kebele in the Guji region. The name comes from the local name for an umbrella-shaped native tree. The daanisa tree has medicinal properties and is used for wide range of construction purposes. Perhaps most importantly, it is used to shade the region’s coffee trees. 

Farmers selectively handpick cherry and deliver it to the washing station or to local collection points. At the washing station, coffee is sorted to ensure that only the ripest cherries are processed. The collection agent oversees the quality of the cherries before processing.  

Natural coffees, such as this one, are floated in water first to remove any underweight or damaged beans and any debris. Only the cherries that sink are accepted for the higher qualities. Floaters are kept aside to be processed as lower grades. After cleaning, cherries are carried straight to raised beds, where they are spread into a single layer for drying. They are raked regularly and sorted to remove any damaged cherries that may have made it through the initial sorting.  

After a few days, washing station staff will increase the thickness of the layer to slow the drying and stabilize humidity. Total drying time can take up to three weeks under cloudy conditions, or two weeks should the weather be sunny. 

Thank you to Sucafina for this amazing coffee! 




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