Single Origin Espresso Roast, Brazil, Mantiqueira de Minas

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Farmer: Edson da Silva & family

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1,300 meters above sea level

Varietal: Catucai

Tasting notes: Syrupy mouth feel, peanut butter, winey 

Edson da Silva was born and raised on his grandparent’s fazenda in Cristina and inherited their passion for coffee production.  Today, he operates Fazenda Sertaozinho in the same community and works tirelessly to produce high-quality specialty coffee.

Edson’s farm is small, about 5 hectares, so he focuses on producing high quality coffee to garner a premium for his lots. On small farms like Edson’s, most of the work is done by hand by the family. Some families hire additional labor during the harvest to ensure cherry is picked at peak ripeness.

To ensure the highest quality lots, Edson and his family selectively handpick ripe, red cherry. Once picked, they lay cherry on a patio in their backyard to slowly sundry. They rake cherry frequently to ensure even drying.

Once dry, Edson oversees the coffee as it’s packed into trucks. Then, he accompanies the truck on his motorcycle as an ‘escort’ to ensure his microlots arrive safely and remain differentiated.


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