Espresso roast, Colombia, Finca El Cedro, Juan Pablo Oviedo, Washed

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Process: Fully washed

Altitude: 1820mals

Varietal: Castillo

Tasting notes: Super clean, velvety body, mandarin, currents and toffee. 

Juan Pablo, before working at this farm El Cedro, has been working at his grandparent's farm not far, in San Antonio.

 As from 2007, when with his wife they bought El Cedro to plant coffee, he has always been working at this farm.

The farm is 22ha and only 2ha are for coffee; the rest is for fruits and forest, something the family is very proud of too. With their 6 children, Juan Pablo and his wife managed to keep working at the farm in San Antonio. Nevertheless, any of their children, now adults, are staying at the farm. One of their concern is that they are wondering who will take over the farm in a couple of years.

Because coffee is their passion. The plan with the farm is to always organize themselves to cultivate coffee and develop their quality." 


 Thank you to Condesa for bringing this delicious coffee to us!  



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