Espresso Roast, Honduras Pacayal, Honey Process

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Process: Honey

Altitude: 17mals

Varietal: Catuaí, IH-90

Tasting notes: Butterscotch, Hazelnuts, Red currents


Pacayal Coffee SA is a company that promotes direct trade and the production of sustainable and profitable coffee. For the 2019-2020 harvest there is an estimate of 33,000 bags of coffee, produced by just over 400 families. 50% of their coffees are aimed at the special coffee market, 45% certified sustainable coffees and 5% commercial coffee. They carry UTZ, Fairtrade, organic and 'Manos de Mujeres' (Women's hands) certifications.

PACAYAL was founded in 2014 by Karen and Edgar Carrillo. After working for several years for other companies in the coffee industry, motivated by a strong unemployment crisis in Marcala that was aggravated by Roya's disease in coffee cultivation, Karen, Edgar and their family got together to create PACAYAL coffee.

In the words of Edgar, 'our focus has always been to produce sustainable and high quality coffee. With our experience in the industry we train the producers - at the beginning there were not many resources, so we developed strategic alliances to process the coffee in rented wet mills. Also in the first year, our producers sold only 50% of their coffee and the rest sold it to intermediaries to cover their collection costs.'

Despite these limitations, they managed to develop 100% traceable processes, discovering unique coffees along the way. From there they began to experimenting with honeys and naturals. They managed to achieve great results in the improvement of quality and sustainability, and the PACAYAL member Natalia Pineda from Las Flores farm achieved 4th place in Honduras Cup of Excellence 2017 with a natural catuaí.

In addition to the many certification the group holds, PACAYAL are investing heavily in a number of social and environmental projects within their community. Varying from all female producer clusters to promoting coffee as a profitable pathway for young producers, the group places an enormous emphasis on education as a means to achieve improved and diverse outcomes. This also manifest through the research they are undertaking in the fields of organic fertilising, CO2 sequestration and low carbon coffee production, in conjunction with numerous academic bodies.


Thanks Condesa Colab for bringing us this wonderful coffee!  


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