Filter Roast, Honduras, Lempira, Salvador Garcia, Washed

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Process: Fully washed

Altitude: 1900mals

Varietal: IH90

Tasting notes: Mandarin, Passionfruit, Vanilla.  

Mr Salvador Garcia has been working in coffee since 2014. He has always worked as a picker. however through hard work he managed to purchase a small farm. As will as producing coffee, his farm produces corn, beans and all necessary food for his family. His farm is located just 300 meters away from Tres Cruces in the edges of Congolon Community. This is one of the least accessible farms because there is no road to it. He needs to collect and move the coffee with his mule for 40 minutes on a rocky high sloping terrain to be able to process his coffee. Despite the difficulty, this year Mr Garcia has made one of the best lots the team from Condesa have tasted out of Honduras, We at Naked espresso tend to agree! This supper clean and juicy coffee has been our favourite of the year! Although I am pretty sure we have said that before.   


Thank you to Condesa for bringing this delicious coffee to us!  



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