Espresso roast, Indonesia, Sulawesi, Angin Angin, Washed

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Process: Fully washed

Altitude: 1,500-1,800m

Varietal: Linie S-795,Typica

Tasting notes: Pink grapefruit, silky mouth feel, caramel fudge finish.


The 15 farmers in Angin Angin, a small community in Enrekang, Sulawesi, are focused on improving their coffee through specialty processing methods. Arabica has been cultivated in Enrehang since the 1800s, when local traders made the town of Kalosi their base of operations. The name Kalosi eventually became synonymous for all Arabica from Sulawesi, including those from the more northern, Toraja.

Kalosi is no longer the epicenter of trade - this has shifted north to Toraja and south to Makassar. Today the majority of coffee produced in Enrekang is sold as wet parchment to large traders in Toraja or Makassar, ending up as a blended commercial grade wet hulled process.

These farmers in Angin Angin are using innovation and a focus on specialty production to bring the focus back to Enrekang. We’re proud to be supporting them as they gain attention for their innovation and quality-focus.

Thank you to Sucafina for bringing this delicious coffee to us!  



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