About Us

Naked Espresso is an established wholesale coffee company based in Melbourne, inspired by the untainted taste of a Naked Portafilter.

We have owned and operated 4 cafes over the last several years, which has allowed us to truly understand what customers are looking for.

Since setting up our first flagship store ‘Naked Espresso Bar’ in 2011, our business has grown into a successful wholesale coffee operation.

 Our Founder

Jason Berley is the proud owner and Director of Naked Espresso. With a lifetime’s experience in the hospitality industry, a true passion for specialty coffee and having opened up four successful cafes along the way, Jason is confidant in understanding what café owners are looking for and supporting them every step of the way. A true family man, he enjoys spending time watching and kicking the footy with his two young boys, whilst juggling an espresso or two.


Need help getting naked? Call (03) 8582 3034 or fill out our online form.