Since setting up our first flagship store in Melbourne’s CBD, our business has grown into a successful wholesale coffee operation. Below is a snapshot of our journey so far…

2017 and beyond

Set up our new home for Naked Espresso. “With growth comes expansion”.

We have just moved into a purpose-built warehouse space to house our growing coffee wholesale business, located in Moorabbin. We will be setting up an amazing espresso school in the near future, but for now we encourage all our customers and like-minded coffee enthusiasts, to come and visit and have a chat about all things “Naked”.

2016 Second trip to Origin.

“Colombia you beauty”.

Colombian coffee is quite prominent in a lot of our blends but in particular our ‘FTO’ blend. Our main focus on this trip was to meet and understand the Fairtrade and Organic growers in the Del Los Andes and Santa Martha regions where the main central buying and quality grading sites are for Fair Trade coffee.

2015 Set up our third flagship store

‘North East Precinct’

In order to showcase our brand in the suburbs, we set up ‘North East Precinct’, a striking yellow and black café, designed to be part café, part warehouse and a place to bring budding baristas to be trained. It still flies the Naked flag in the burb, with a dedicated retail coffee space, where all our beans are available.

2013 First trip to Origin


Our first trip to origin us have a new appreciation for the coffee making process. We visited some farms in the Budan Ranges, 6 hours North of Bangalore. Naked Espresso uses beans from India in our ‘Mega Choc blend’ and ‘White blend’. After seeing the beans and processing methods first hand, this benefited us to understand how to get the best out of each crop. We have very close connections with our grower in India and are constantly working on new microlots and processing methods.

2012 Set up our second flagship store

‘105 Espresso’

We then opened up a small 10 square metre espresso bar in Melbourne CBD serving our Naked Espresso beans as a house blend, rotating single origins and small snacks. We built up this café over 12 months, and then sold it to focus on our wholesale business.

2011 Set up our first flagship store

‘Naked Espresso Bar’

Established in 2011, we set up our first flagship store ‘Naked Espresso Bar’ in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, where shortly after we developed our own custom coffee blends, and our wholesale business began. The aim was to specialise in serving and educating customers all about speciality coffee, with rotating single origins and alternative brewing methods always on offer. Naked Espresso Bar enjoyed much success amongst the Melbourne coffee industry, and was constantly reviewed and made top ten cafes in Broadsheet, Bean hunter and other leading publications.